Sydney Cole – Nanny Caught and Punished For Sneaking Girlfriend Into House

If Sydney Cole showed up to your house to apply for the job of Nanny wearing this outfit, wouldn’t you hire her on the spot? She is wearing a dress that barely covers her ass with a pair of slutty ankle boots and looking very hot in the process. The interview process goes very well and she’s hired to take care of the kids and tend the house.

One of the rules laid out during the interview was that this cutie couldn’t have anyone else in the house without permission. Sydney apparently ignored that rule as she snuck in one of her hot girlfriends for some late night lesbian action. Sydney was unaware that there were nanny cams placed strategically throughout the house and caught her making out and groping her friends tits. The action gets hot and heavy but comes to a screeching halt when her boss storms into her room, catching the two girls in the act. He is furious because his baby is screaming and Sydney was too busy with her girlfriend to pay attention.

Click Here for More Nanny SpyAfter yelling at this cute teen, who just so happens to be topless throughout the lecture, he calms down when Sydney tries to defend herself and keep her job. When this hot blonde asks what she can do to help, her boss guides her hand to his crotch and remarks that his wife’s not home. It looks like he is going to use the spycam footage to his advantage… who wouldn’t?

Sydney eagerly takes his hard cock in her mouth but her employer has something a bit more extreme in mind. Her forces his cock down her throat while he tells her what a brutal nanny she is, dishing out some verbal abuse while he does what he wants to her. Sydney chokes and slobbers on his tool, agreeing with him throughout. He rolls her over and starts slapping her ass cheeks, sliding his fingers into her wet pussy at the same time. Sydney is moaning in pleasure, obviously enjoying being treated like a little slut.

Sydney Cole Punished Fuck

Noting that she will literally do whatever he wants, Sydney is forced to rim her boss’ ass while he continues to lecture her on what a terrible nanny she is. Her ass cheeks are quite red by the time he rolls her over and takes her from behind, slamming his cock into her tight pussy. Sydney changes position when commanded, eagerly taking his cock until he finally shoots his load into her.

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