Kimmy Granger – Dad Busts Nanny’s Webcam Side Hustle – Takes Full Advantage

Slim nanny, Kimmy Granger, is faced with dealing with this dad’s heavy dong after the guy catching her stripping and finger fucking on cam instead of looking after his son. Although angry and furious about the whole situation, he can’t help but stare at her fine forms and at her amazing ass. The chick feels embarrassed about the whole situation but also in the need to keep her job after the guy threatens to call the cops on her.

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She knows only one way to solve the problem so gets down to action immediately. She starts with a bit of sloppy blowjob then kneels better for more deepthroat and short rounds of head fucking, only to dazzle the guy and get him started for a piece of her needy pussy.

Slim nanny Kimmy Granger deals the cock like a goddess

She throats the guy hard then leaves him to slide between her legs and lick her warm pussy, prior to sticking the hungry wood deep down the cherry for a couple of heavy hard fucking sex scenes. Enough to get Kimmy Granger screaming like a whore and undulating her slim body in amazing scenery and various positions, all until the dad’s sperm begins flooding her face like a fountain.

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