Adria Rae – Tiger Mom Strikes: Nanny Fucks The Wrong Husband

Adria Rae is looking for work as a nanny and shows up to her interview in a cute outfit that includes a short jean skirt, ankle boots and a plaid shirt. She meets the husband and wife that she will potentially be working for in their living room. When she sits down and crosses her legs, you’ll notice how short her miniskirt really is. Adria excuses herself to use the bathroom after her long drive and is amazed at how big the mirror is in their bathroom. She decides to take advantage of it, pulling out her phone to take some sexy selfpics. Adria also decides to take a look through the bathroom itself and is quite happy when she comes across some cash the owners have stashed in there. Unfortunately for Adria, the owners of the house have installed cameras throughout and caught her in the act.


Adria returns to the house in tiny jean shorts and is confronted with evidence by the wife. This naughty nanny tries to talk her way out of things but the evidence is clear. Clearly upset with her nanny, this hot housewife (who just so happens to be dressed in nothing but her lingerie) decides to bring Danny into the mix. Left alone Adria makes it clear she’s willing to do anything to keep her job, including letting the man of the house have his way with her. Adria Rae starts out by stripping out of what little she’s wearing and sucking his hard cock. Danny grabs her hair and starts fucking her throat, clearly enjoying this cute teen’s mouth.

Adria Rae Fucks The Wrong Husband

Danny licks her tight teen pussy before fucking her in various positions, starting doggy style and then having her climb on top and bouncing on his rock hard dick. Adria is clearly enjoying herself as they shift positions again so she can masturbate while she’s getting fucked. Danny doesn’t last much longer and pulls out of her pussy so he can cum in this cute teen nanny’s mouth. Just as they finish, it appears that Danny’s wife has discovered what’s been happening by watching the cams again. She enters the bedroom and drags Adria out. We don’t think she’ll be able to talk her way out of this one.
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